Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Your Independent Voice for Business in Africa

  • ACCI seeks to support and represent its members in Africa and abroad, and provides relevant information to any businesses wishing to trade or invest in Africa at local, regional, and national level, adding value by helping them to succeed and to increase profitability.
  • ACCI offers information on commercial promotion opportunities to African companies and companies wishing to invest or have a platform in Africa, through a wide range of services, including information packs, consultancy, as well as logistic and administrative support
  • ACCI can organize conferences, training sessions, tourist excursions, functions, dinners, travel,  and other support.  
  • Events can be organized by ACCI for members to develop any professional contacts they need within the business world through seminars, presentations, business receptions and dinners.
  • Companies can have access to essential information contained within a range of extensive databases, regarding the various markets in Europe, USA, Asia,  and in the United Kingdom, and can also  take advantage of the technical and logistic support the Chamber has to offer which they can use to make contact with other businesses.
  • ACCI aims to be your partner in business - one that you can turn to for information on any issues - and point you in the right direction of the most relevant advice.


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