Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

What is the Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry?


The Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) is a completely independent  Information Service with one straightforward objective: to offer information and promote and facilitate business between our members and others, thus representing the best interests of the community by encouraging commercial growth and local prosperity.



  • ACCI's prime objective is to serve its members to their utmost satisfaction. It is committed to making an effective  contribution to  the entire African continent's economic development through providing relevant information for  the promotion of trade and industry.

  • Our aim is to help your business grow and prosper. Our events programme attracts hundreds of businessmen and women every year, offering networking, data bases, business development, and  sponsorship opportunities

  • ACCI acts as an information  bridge  between  government   and  the business community.  It plays an important role in advising on policy formulation by maintaining constant interaction with the relevant authorities.



History of project


ACCI has been developed to assist African countries and businesses in Africa  wanting  greater  visibility, and businesses worldwide wishing to do business or to invest in Africa. We will forward our members information and assist with queries to expand their businesses.