Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
What the Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) offers to our members?
ACCI offers commercial promotion opportunities to African countries, and  companies wishing to invest or have a platform in Africa, through a wide range of services, including information, consultancy, as well as logistic and administrative support and funding.
Events can be organized by ACCI, allowing both member and non-members to develop the professional contacts they need through seminars, presentations, business receptions and dinners.
In addition, members have access to a range of extensive databases containing essential information on markets in the U.S.A, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and they can also take advantage of the technical and logistic support offered by ACCI, which they can use to make contact with other businesses.
Our aim is to help your business grow and prosper. Our events programme attracts hundreds of businessmen and women every year, offering networking and sponsorship opportunities. Through our partner programmes we have access to skills improvement and the knowledge base to support you in developing your business. We can also inform you regarding a range of discounted products and services.
In short, ACCI aims to be your partner in business, one you can turn to for information on any issue – ACCI will point you in the right direction of the most relevant advice. 

The Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) is a private information service, aspiring to further the business interests of African countries, the community, business owners or local businesses interested in Africa, by assisting members in  the following purposes: 
·       Creating a strong local economy
·       Promoting business in Africa
·       Providing networking opportunities
·      Speaking with governments on behalf of business if necessary
·      Arranging seminars or exhibitions for members
·  Offering economy-stimulating initiatives, innovative advice and professional expertise so as to enhance, promote and support the African business community.
·     Educational opportunities
ACCI's prime objective is to offer reliable information to its members. It is committed to making an effective contribution to the nation's economic development through the promotion of trade and industry. ACCI acts as an information bridge between governments and the business community. It plays an important role in policy formulation by maintaining constant interaction with the relevant authorities.
ACCI plays a pivotal role in commercial and economic relations with Africa, its main goal being to assist in developing and promoting commerce and investment by providing information necessary to succeed.

The Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
website is invaluable for countries and for businessmen 
interested in knowing more about our region's capabilities,
and provides information for increasing interaction
with Africa.